alumni and alumnae

Terui Keita

(Current position)
Lecturer, Department of Pediatric Surgery, Graduate school of medicine, Chiba University
Since 2002, I had been working at the division of transplant and surgery research, National center for child health and development for 2 years.
Firstly I visited Prof. Ozaki because I was motivated to investigate and find a clue to the medical treatment for the pathology of biliary atresia, which causes cholestatic cirrhosis in early infancy. Prof. Ozaki was actively working as a researcher there, and he was giving me a lot of suggestions and advices that made me interested in the field of a signal transduction regarding stress response of liver, proliferation and differentiation. I had a chance to be involved in many projects of his and finally participated as a co-author in his seven papers.
Besides his fascinating research topics, I was greatly influenced by a Prof. Ozaki’s sincere and indomitable attitude to scientific research. During two years of my stay with him, I enjoyed fulfilling time very much. And I am also grateful to Dr. Sanae Haga who kindly helped me a lot about research works from A to Z. I am very thankful to all the members of Ozaki’s lab for great help until now. I wish your group much more successful future!!


Sanno Kazuhiro

(Current position)
Gastroenterological surgery and renal failure surgery, Sapporo Hokuyu Hospital
My name is Sanno Kazuhiro. I belonged to Prof. Ozaki’s laboratory from April 2008 to March 2010. I’m currently working as surgeon at Sapporo Hokuyu Hospital. When I engaged in research, my research subject was the inhibitory effect of peritoneal dissemination inhibited by NF-κB via the inhibition of integrin using cell lines of gastric cancer. It was required to evaluate the condition of gastric cancer cells in mice in vivo, and Prof. Ozaki suggested me to monitor it by a bioimaging method.
Finally I was able to publish the results in the research journal, Cancer Science. Dr. Haga helped many of my experimental assays, and Prof. Ozaki corrected and revised my research papers. It would not have been possible for me to get a degree without their great help. I also took many opportunities to join the collaborations, especially the development of the imaging probes for blood-rich organs were exciting, and I happily joined as a second author in a PNAS paper. I realize that my ability of insight, analyzing and writing have been drastically improved after the research experience at the lab. I strongly recommend medical doctors to join and start a research work at Prof. Ozaki’s laboratory.

Sato Masanori

(Current position)
Surgery, Keiwakai Ebetsu Hospital
Besides my main occupation as surgeon, I conducted the graduate work in his laboratory about the experiments on pancreas cancer cells incorporated with secretory form of luminescent probes. I recall that a good result made me very excited after I exercised a long effort for finding the proper setting for the detection. The experience and the way of thinking that I have learned in the laboratory are still helping me in my present clinical works.

Matsuoka Shizuka(Graduated in 2013)

(Current position)
Nurse, Hirosaki University Hospital
I still remember that I often got lost in the building of the department when I started my graduation work at the lab. Even at new hospital I am currently working since this April, sometimes I almost got lost with patients whom I have to lead. If I really need some guidance not only for the route in the hospital but also for other things, I would visit Prof.Ozaki without hesitation. Thank you very much in advance!

Murakami Mao(Graduated in 2013)

(Current position)
Nurse, gastroenterological medicine, The University of Tokyo Hospital
I met Prof. Ozaki first when I had to elect a laboratory for nursing research. Since he just arrived at University, there was little information among students, how he is and what kind of research topics he does. But I was attracted to this newly opened laboratory with big expectation, and I decided to join there together with Ms. Matsuoka.
I have even never read and searched research articles until then, so I often faced many difficulties at the beginning of my nursing research. But I was able to keep the exciting feeling that I felt when I met Prof. Ozaki first.
His caring attitude and Ms. Matsuoka’s friendship helped me a lot even if I made many mistakes, and my research work was finally accomplished with grate help of them. I was very lucky to know Prof. Ozaki.
I am currently working as nurse in gastroenterological medicine. Here I also have brilliant colleagues. I spend busy days but I enjoy a trip and a dinner with my friends in college.
Once we graduated from a university, it would become difficult to take enough time to think about a particular issue while working for living. My message is; please enjoy thinking and discussing as many as time allows in your nursing research.

Tosaka Kinoko

I have been enjoying hiking before the fad of ‘yama girl’ recently developed (My purpose is for watching birds and I don’t climb a high mountain, honestly, I can’t climb it). One day, I found a lovely mushroom at the wayside, and I got to like looking for natural mushrooms for watching, not for eating. Since then I usually bring a camera and take a photograph of them. Please don’t be afraid if you encounter the situation when I’m engrossed in taking a picture of mushrooms in the woods.